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FREE Website design Scotland Falkirk
FREE Website design Scotland Falkirk


  • “Bright Yellow Media are absolutely top notch web designers. They listened and spent ample time understanding our products and message to make sure the site layout was appropriate. They pulled off some very tricky programming feats to get the site to do what we wanted, while not losing sight of the need for superb, modern aesthetics.”

    Robert Bruce

  • “We are very grateful of their creative efforts and love our new website. When I first made contact with Jon and team, I was taken with the ‘can-do’ attitude towards our entire project (it was a big one), and their willingness to meet our needs – both creative and budgetary!”

    Alison Kelly

  • “We looked far and wide to find the right company. In our case, there was no business without the site! Bright Yellow Media was the only company that within the first meeting made me feel very confident and comfortable that they understood and could produce what we envisioned.”

    Sue Phillip

  • “Bright Yellow Media are great. We’re pretty low-tech, so it was a relief when they shielded us from all the technical details and just made sure we were designing a site that looks and works amazing. Super hands on throughout the entire process, they never once made us feel like we were competing for their attention.”

    Andrew Nimmo

  • “Stewart was great to work with and interpreted our needs perfectly. He was willing to help in every way, developing a professional and beautiful website which showcases our company very well. I was impressed all around with their skills, customer service and attention to detail every step of the way.”

    Janet Minto

  • “Bright Yellow Media created a lovely website that continues to draw in new clients from all over the world. Setting up the site was painless and the staff always responded in a timely manner to any questions we had. They were thorough and very helpful in training our team to update and maintain the site.”

    Chris Cowan

  • “We have had nothing but positive comments from our customers. We couldn’t be more pleased with the website created for us by Bright Yellow Media. It is current, attractive, and super easy to navigate. Since we maintain and edit our own website, ease of use on the administrative end was important as well.”

    Robin Trevor

  • “Absolutely wonderful! Bright Yellow Media worked together to help design a beautiful site that met the needs of my business and met the aesthetic design requirements of four very different business owners—which is no small feat. They took the identity that our business has created and helped us to create a relevant, usable, and productive site.”

    Anna Stewart

  • “The process of website development with Bright Yellow Media has truly been an enjoyable and collaborative effort at every stage. Due to the interactive nature of my relationship with Bright Yellow Media, I now have a website that accurately reflects both the culture and nature of my business. I look forward to a continued relationship with Bright Yellow Media.”

    Mary Mclaren

  • “Bright Yellow Media is endlessly helpful, flexible and always quick to respond. I’ve worked with Bright Yellow Media for years. I truly trust them with my site, and to keep up on technology.”

    Derek Blair

  • “Wonderful designs and great rankings for SEO, created with care and passion, all with amazing value.”

    Stephen Smythe

FREE Website design Scotland Falkirk

Our Services

Website Design

Bright Yellow Media strives to bring you the best web design you will find in Scotland, UK or around the world. We will install any theme with demo, Customise any theme according to your requirements, Create E-commerce store, Clone any WordPress site, Install WordPress on your server, Learning Management System and much more. We can also a customised quote depending on your company’s strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The BYM SEO is a monthly SEO service which will help your site get to the top spots in search engines and Google as quick as possible. BYM SEO includes; Premium Mini Sites, Authority Private Blog Posts, Permanent HomePage Links, Dedicated Private Blogs, Ultra Diversity Module, High TF Blog Comments, Premium Press Release Campaign, Infographic Creation & Distribution, Quality Social Signals and Tiered Link Booster Module.

Email Marketing

With our book you can discover and copy the exact formula I used to build a massively successful online business. I’ll show You The ‘Behind The Scenes’ How I Built The Most Profitable Online Business On The Planet and How You Can Too. We will give you free access the this book to give you the top strategies for building your online business.


If you wish to work with us our prices are on the following pages for website design, SEO and email marketing.  Or just simply email me or call me using the button below.

Step 1

Firstly, work with our team to discuss your goals, identify your audiences, analyze your brand, assess your competition, and refine your market position. Learn about the customers you want to attract, which competitors keep you up at night, and what makes your company unique. Get to know your business inside and out by including stakeholders from throughout your business.

Step 2

Once you have defined your marketing challenges and objectives, begin the exploration of visual concepts and designs with a  style that supports your brand. We will collaborate with your team to develop a design solution that meets your unique needs. When the design process is complete, you should have the creative framework and assets you need to implement your design solution.

Step 3

Finally, you should develop the tactical marketing pieces to launch your website design across all appropriate media. The visual concept may be applied to your website, email, web banners, collateral, direct mail, advertising, and more. Whether an online marketing firm develops your marketing pieces or you create everything in-house, you should create templates for each type of marketing piece.

FREE Website design Scotland Falkirk